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Are you afraid of your smartphone? let’s get simple!


Tired of all the bells and whistles that come complete in today’s phones? Hi-res cameras, speedy processors and cool apps just aren’t your thing? Whatever the case may be for you (or perhaps parents or grandparents), Phonotto is a wonderful breath of fresh air, it allows you to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS, manage your contacts, make photo and video and so on...

Phonotto keeps things very simple.

The interface features a chunky, simple design with large buttons for easy phoning, texting and why not? Also make Photos and Videos!

Supported Devices: Android 4.X - 5.0
Tested devices: LG L40, LG L50 Sporty, Sony Xperia E1, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, Samung Galaxy Ace Style, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Star, Samsung Galaxy Fame, Samsung Galaxy Fame Lite, Huaway Y530, Huaway Y600

Large home screen optimized for elderly people and people with bad sight with notifications from others applications

Call in a simple way with the embedded numpad dialer

Access the phonebook and manage your contact easily

Manage your photos and videos with the simplified dedicated interface

Speed-dial buttons to make direct calls to most important numbers

Personalize your home and get access to your favourite applications

Practical and very easy lockscreen to avoid accidental touches

Big photo Call Identifier to answer safely and quickly


Silvana, 52

Now I can answer at phone also outside the home, and even my grandchildren are happy.

Mauro, 59

Finally I can see everything without putting glasses...



There’s nothing to be afraid of.
Just download PDF version and you’ll find how to set Phonotto, receive calls, custom layouts and more...

Any information you need is in our manual!

Click here or on the book image and print our manual to keep it with you while using your smartphone.

or check out our frequently asked questions

To provide some security to the user and to ensure that she doesn’t feel lost. Phonotto will start with your phone without having to do it manually and to find yourself in complicated screen of the base operating system (this option can be disabled in Settings).
Using the "applications" button you can fill a second home screen with your favorite apps and open them directly from them without having to get out of Phonotto.
Phonotto is free in its basic version, which allows complete management of calls, the phone book, the last 24 hours of messages and viewing photos on the phone. If it is not enough to just buy the micro packages within your application. Alternatively, you can purchase the PRO version which contains all the packages for less than 8 euro (roughly converted in your country value).
Of course is possible! It is possible to remove Phonotto as receiving system calls by pressing and holding the options (left top gear) and scrolling with the arrow until the screen "interface". By unchecking the first option and working with the rescue Phonotto will intercept calls.

Phonotto is designed to be a safe place and fast where to use your phone, but this does not mean that you can use it just for posts, only for calls, or just because very useful as is simple to use.
There are several extensions to allow the user to customize Phonotto as they fit, without having to buy the whole package and without the need to buy one. Phonotto in its free version already allows managing almost all of its functionality.
pay attention
Do you get stuck?

Remember to click on the book image and print the manual to keep it with you while using your smartphone


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